Yellow Cab is pleased to offer our customers the convenience of a Yellow Cab Charge Account. A Yellow Cab Charge account makes it easy to track individual or corporate employee cab usage.

At the end of the month, a statement will be mailed to you, including copies of all of the vouchers used during that billing cycle.  If email is preferred method, Yellow Cab can also accommodate that request.

Once you have signed up and your application has been approved, a personal or corporate account number will be assigned and numbered vouchers.  To use the vouchers, simply fill in the account number and issue the voucher to whoever is going to be riding with us.  At the end of the taxi ride, the rider signs the voucher, totals the faire and gratuity and gives the voucher to the driver.  The driver will then give the rider a copy of the voucher.  If you chose, you can forgo our voucher system and request a preferred customer card.  You will be able to charge your ride through this card and pay at the end of the month.  Contact us for more information.